The stat leaders include updated team scoring and team scoring defense every week, but today's "By The Numbers" takes a closer look at those figures.

Some teams excel offensively; others shut down their opponents. Then there are a few who are great at both. When that happens, you usually see a team that regularly wins by huge margins of victory.

That's what today's statistical breakdown is about: East Texas teams that boast large victory margins. Twenty-two teams in the region average a victory margin of more than 16.0 points per game (or two possessions, including assumed two-point conversions). Thirteen of these teams are, understandably, undefeated. Seven of them have only one loss, and two have managed to maintain wide average victory margins despite two losses: Arp (17.0) and Carthage (16.3).

Three districts house nine of the 22 teams. District 20-3A (Jasper, Center, Carthage), District 9-2A Division I (Troup, Harmony, Jefferson), and District 9-A Division I (Carlisle, Joaquin, Timpson) each have three, which gives those leagues the most in East Texas. Plus, 9-2A Division I has a Tatum team with a respectable 11.8 average victory margin, and 9-A Division I has Harleton, which is among the region's leaders allowing only 7.8 points per game defensively.

At the top of the victory margin leaders is Pineland West Sabine, one of only six East Texas teams winning by at least 30 points per game.

With that in mind, here's a look at East Texas' top margin of victory teams.

TeamClassAverage Margin of Victory (in points)
1. Pineland West Sabine (5-0)1A39.8
2. Carlisle (5-0)1A35.4
3. Newton (5-0)2A34.8
4. Bullard (4-1)3A31.8
5. Hughes Springs (5-0)2A30.4
6. New Boston (5-0)2A30.3
7. Kilgore (5-0)3A29.0
8. Troup (5-0)2A27.4
9. Joaquin (5-0)1A26.2
10. Mount Vernon (6-0)2A24.5
11. Harmony (4-1)2A22.8
12. Timpson (5-0)1A21.2
13. Jasper (4-1)3A20.4
14. Tyler Grace (4-1)TAPPS D-II19.8
15. Jefferson (5-0)2A19.4
16. Whitehouse (5-0)4A18.8
17. Center (6-0)3A18.6
18t. Arp (4-2)2A17.0
18t. Edgewood (5-1)2A17.0
20. Mount Pleasant (4-1)4A16.8
21. Bullard Brook Hill (4-1)TAPPS D-II16.4
22. Carthage (4-2)3A16.3