Like many East Texas schools, Center has to replace its quarterback. Two-year starter Cameron Cloudy graduated and left the quarterback position wide open.

Head coach Kevin Goodwin knows how important it is to have the right guy to run his fast-paced, hurry-up offense.

“In our quarterbacks we try to get away from picking the most athletic kid,” Goodwin said. “Instead we try to pick the most intelligent kid.”

“Those kids are able to handle it in the classroom with strenuous classwork and if they have athletic ability, I feel they should be able to be successful on the field."

Senior Cody Carleton and sophomores Dalton Horton and Caiden Rainbolt are the trio of signal callers in the running for Center's starting spot.

“I’m coaching the quarterbacks and I’m trying to put a lot of pressure on them in practice,” Goodwin said. “Trying to make it as chaotic as I can on them to see which one can handle the pressure, speed of the game.”

As freshmen last year, Horton was a pitcher and Rainbolt started at third base on the varsity baseball team. Goodwin thinks the underclassmen can handle varsity football.

“They’ve already been under a little bit of pressure with baseball. So they understand what we’re looking for.” Goodwin said.

Carleton brings experience and leadership to the table. Carleton completed 43 of 89 passes for 278 yards, one touchdown and five interceptions in limited action as a junior.

“He’s a kid that has been here before,” Goodwin said. “He knows what it takes and how this offense runs.”