Football practice began today for UIL schools in Classes 3A, 2A, and A, as well as 4A and 5A schools that did not hold spring practice (those start Aug. 13). With practice comes new guidelines that the UIL has enacted that schools must adjust.

One rule is the four-day acclimation period. On the first four days of practice schools are allowed to practice just once a day with no contact. Schools are allowed a walk-through before or after their one practice. All student-athletes must go through the four-day acclimation period.

After the four-day acclimation period, teams are allowed to practice twice a day but not on consecutive days. There must also be a two-hour break between the practices when more than one practice is scheduled for that day. caught up with some of the local high school coaches and got their opinions on the new two-a-day rules. Here’s what they said:

Derek Fitzhenry, Pine Tree - “I think the UIL and Texas coaches are trying to do what’s best for the kids and with the number of heat-related deaths, the new rules help coaches make decisions on practice times. We will comply with the rule and continue to monitor our kids for dehydration as we always have.”

Kevin Goodwin, Center - “Well it’s really not any different than what we already did in the past. I understand that the new rules are safety first and that’s the way it should always be. Here in Center we try to say practice so fast that we can get two practices worth of reps in one practice.”

Ricklan Holmes, John Tyler - “The new UIL rules regarding two-a-days put coaches and players in better situations. Our bodies can only take the heat for so long.”

Eric King, Elysian Fields - “I agree with the UIL rule change. Player safety should be the deciding factor in every decision that is made by the state and each individual school district. We are going with the quality over quantity approach this year.”

Bobby Reyes, Nacogdoches - “It really doesn’t affect us because we do an hour and half then come inside for 30 or 40 minutes and go back outside for an hour and half. We have done this for a number of years and it has been effective for us.”

Terry Ward, Tenaha - “Any rule that protects the safety and welfare of the kid is a good rule. I don’t see it having a negative impact on your football team.”

Two-a-day dates to remember

5A and 4A schools without spring practice, 3A, 2A, 1A and six-man

August 6th - First day of conditioning (No contact activities permitted. No contact equipment except helmets may be worn.)

August 10th – First day of contact

August 17th – First scrimmage

August 22nd – First day a team may play its second scrimmage (five-day rule applies)

August 27th – First day a team may play its third scrimmage (schools opting for a third scrimmage shall not play on week zero)

5A and 4A schools with spring practice

August 13th – First day of conditioning

August 17th – First day of contact

August 24th – First scrimmage

August 30th – First day a team may play its second scrimmage (schools opting for a second scrimmage shall not play Zero Week; five-day rule applies)