District champion Daingerfield claimed four of the six top awards with the release of the 8-2A Division I all-district football team as voted by the league's coaches.

Daingerfield senior running back Cordarius Anderson, who finished the year with 1,400-plus rushing yards and 27 touchdowns, earned overall Most Valuable Player honors.

Daingerfield senior defensive tackle Kelshin Neal led East Texas in tackles for loss (61) and sacks (23) en route to the district's Defensive MVP honor. Senior quarterback Keris Alexander, who helped the Tigers reach the state quarterfinals for the sixth consecutive season, garnered Offensive MVP recognition.

Aric Sardinea guided Daingerfield to a 10-4 record and Class 2A Division I Region II finalist run to earn the league's Coach of the Year award. Anderson and Sardinea were unanimous picks.

New Boston sophomore Davontae Wade, who was part of a Lion running game that avenged the regular-season loss to Daingerfield that got New Boston to its first state semifinal appearance, was named the 8-2A D-I Newcomer of the Year after rushing for almost 1,000 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Hooks senior Jimmie Houston and Redwater senior Michael Cochran shared the district's Utility Player of the Year award.

Daingerfield had three seniors who earned unanimous first-team selections: offensive lineman Willie Evans, outside linebacker Calvin Bryant, and safety Cory Smith. New Boston senior quarterback Aaron Conkleton and Mount Vernon sophomore kick returner Noah Craver were also unanimous honorees.

8-2A Division I All-District Football Team

Daingerfield QB Keris Alexander. (© Christopher R. Vinn, ETSN.fm)


  • MVP -- Cordarius Anderson, Sr., RB, Daingerfield (unanimous)
  • Offensive MVP -- Keris Alexander, Sr., QB, Daingerfield
  • Defensive MVP -- Kelshin Neal, Sr., DT, Daingerfield
  • Newcomer of the Year -- Davontae Wade, Soph., RB, New Boston
  • Coach of the Year -- Aric Sardinea, Daingerfield (unanimous)
  • Co-Utility Player of the Year
    • Jimmie Houston, Sr., Hooks
    • Michael Cochran, Sr., Redwater


First Team Offense

New Boston's Quinn Dedmon sprints upfield during the Lions' 14-7 second-round win vs. Whitesboro in Mount Pleasant. (Evan Lewis, ETSN.fm)
  • QB -- Aaron Conkleton, Sr., New Boston (unanimous)
  • RB -- Chris Reese, Sr., Queen City
  • RB -- Quinn Dedmon, Jr., New Boston
  • TE -- David Murdock, Sr., Pattonville Prairiland
  • WR -- Jawuan Johnson, Sr., New Boston
  • WR -- Jeff Gladney, Jr., New Boston
  • WR -- Kolby Browning, Sr., Redwater
  • WR -- Keaton Key, Sr., Daingerfield
  • WR -- Keynon Whetstone, Sr., Daingerfield
  • WR -- Kris Ables, Sr., Mount Vernon
  • OL -- Willie Evans, Sr., Daingerfield (unanimous)
  • OL -- Wesley Holmes, Sr., New Boston
  • OL -- Alex Broomfield, Jr., Pattonville Prairiland
  • OL -- Shawn Owens, Sr., Queen City
  • OL -- Spencer Long, Sr., Redwater
  • OL -- Cole Pedron, Sr., Redwater
  • OL -- Cameron Precise, Sr., Daingerfield
  • OL --- Aquavion Evans, Jr., Mount Vernon
  • K -- Cole Pace, Jr., New Boston
  • KR -- Noah Craver, Soph., Mount Vernon (unanimous)


First Team Defense

Daingerfield LB Calvin Bryant. (Christopher Vinn, ETSN.fm)
  • DL -- Wesley Holmes, Sr., New Boston
  • DL -- Dylan Williams, Sr., Daingerfield
  • DL -- Aquavion Evans, Jr., Mount Vernon
  • DL -- Dominique Allen, Soph., Daingerfield
  • DL -- Zack Walker, Sr., Queen City
  • DL -- Cobin Brown, Sr., Redwater
  • DL -- Anthony Sciara, Sr., Hooks
  • DL -- Dale Roberts, Sr., New Boston
  • OLB -- Calvin Bryant, Sr., Daingerfield (unanimous)
  • OLB -- Jordan Miles, Sr., Daingerfield
  • OLB -- Neo Hudson, Sr., Redwater
  • ILB -- Wes Teague, Sr., New Boston
  • ILB -- Chase Norman, Sr., Queen City
  • ILB -- Spencer Alexander, Sr., Daingerfield
  • CB -- Troy Stuard, Sr., Daingerfield
  • CB -- Colby Ivy, Sr., Queen City
  • CB -- Jeff Gladney, Jr., New Boston
  • S -- Cory Smith, Sr., Daingerfield (unanimous)
  • S -- Jawuan Johnson, Sr., New Boston
  • P -- Kris Ables, Sr., Mount Vernon
  • PR -- Calvin Bryant, Sr., Daingerfield


Second Team Offense

Mount Vernon WR/DB Grant Lowry. (Christopher Vinn, ETSN.fm)
  • QB -- Drew Davenport, Sr., Queen City
  • RB -- Mason Cook, Sr., Mount Vernon
  • RB -- Neo Hudson, Sr., Redwater
  • TE -- Dylan Martin, Jr., New Boston
  • TE -- Zack Walker, Sr., Queen City
  • WR -- Josh Harrison, Soph., Pattonville Prairiland
  • WR -- Colby Ivy, Sr., Queen City
  • WR -- Denzel Mims, Soph., Daingerfield
  • WR -- Montrell Estell, Fr., Hooks
  • WR -- Grant Lowry, Sr., Mount Vernon
  • OL -- Darrian Terry, Soph., Daingerfield
  • OL -- Andrew Porter, Sr., Daingerfield
  • OL -- Logan Lile, Jr., Daingerfield
  • OL -- Chantz Jeter, Sr., Mount Vernon
  • OL -- Braven Smith, Sr., Redwater
  • OL -- Dakota Taylor, Sr., Pattonville Prairiland
  • OL -- Wes Teague, Sr., New Boston
  • OL -- Anthony Sciara, Sr., Hooks
  • K -- Keynon Whetstone, Sr., Daingerfield
  • KR -- Conner Skidmore, Sr., Pattonville Prairiland


Second Team Defense

Daingerfield DB Cedarion Hopkins. (Christopher Vinn, ETSN.fm)
  • DL -- Philip Pyle, Jr., New Boston
  • DL -- Haskel Walker, Jr., Pattonville Prairialnd
  • DL -- Jamal Morrow, Sr., Daingerfield
  • DL -- Cole Pedron, Sr., Redwater
  • DL -- Triston Hodges, Sr., Mount Vernon
  • OLB -- Dylan Martin, Jr., New Boston
  • OLB -- Matthew Condelaria, Sr., Redwater
  • ILB -- Will Teague, Sr., New Boston
  • ILB -- R.J. Williams, Jr., Hooks
  • ILB -- Rey Perales, Sr., Mount Vernon
  • CB -- Dionte Hudson, Jr., Redwater
  • CB -- Cedarion Hopkins, Sr., Daingerfield
  • CB -- T.Q. Dedmon, Jr., New Boston
  • S -- Jessie Biles, Jr., Daingerfield
  • S -- Kolby Browning, Sr., New Boston
  • P -- Jordan Simpson, Jr., New Boston
  • P -- Kendal Griffin, Sr., Queen City
  • PR -- Neo Hudson, Sr., Redwater


Honorable Mention

New Boston's Keith Baldwin scores the Lions' first touchdown Saturday in a 41-14 state quarterfinal win in Mount Pleasant. (Evan Lewis, ETSN.fm)
  • Demontrea Neal, Jr., RB
  • Recus Hayes, Soph., OL
  • Jordan Precise, Sr., OL
  • Kameron Younger, Soph., RB/LB
  • Ramius Wallace, Sr., ILB
  • Gentry Alexander, Jr., OLB


  • Brian Barber, Sr., OL/DL
  • Mark Kingraid, Jr., OL/DL
  • Jake Whitten, Soph., DE
  • Travis Krueger, Jr., TE
  • Malik Estell, Fr., LB/FB
  • Demetri Graham, Sr., LB
  • Montrell Estell, Fr., S


Mount Vernon
  • Austin Decker, Soph., TE
  • Colby White, Sr., S
  • Sam Alston, Sr., QB
  • Blake Banister, Jr., OLB
  • Tyler Carpenter, Sr., DL
  • Zac Migues, Sr., OL
  • Cole Strickland, Sr., DL


New Boston
  • Travis Garrett, Sr., DB
  • Keith Baldwin, Sr., RB
  • Tristan McKinney, Sr., OL
  • Dedric Draggoo, Jr., DL


Pattonville Prairiland
  • Dakota Taylor, Sr., OL/LB
  • Colton Lewis, Sr., RB/DE
  • Conner Skidmore, Sr., RB/LB


Queen City
  • Jimmy Larry, Jr., RB/DB
  • Kolton Morgan, Sr., FB/LB
  • Easton Droddy, Jr., QB/DL
  • Steven Horton, Sr., TE/DL
  • Scott Romanick, Jr., OL/DL


  • Hunter Dailey, Jr., OL/LB
  • Corey Jolly, Jr., RB/LB
  • Braven Smith, Sr., DL
  • Deven Surratt, Sr., DB