While we've been working the past several months to get to our launch day today (Aug. 1), there's also been something else going on behind the scenes that we at ETSN.fm are thrilled to share with all of you.

We are excited to announce ETSN.fm has entered a media partnership with KLTV 7 to put together the most dynamic, experienced group of journalists to cover high school sports in East Texas.

And since ETSN.fm covers the Lufkin area, this partnership will include KLTV's sister station, KTRE, in Lufkin.

As KLTV general manager Pat Stacy labeled it tonight on the station's broadcast, this indeed will be the ultimate "dream team" that will take the high school sports scene in East Texas by storm.

What better way to cover the best area for high school sports than to take the No. 1 TV station in East Texas and the premier outlet for high school sports information and put them together?

The ETSN.fm team of Clint Buckley, Gabe Brooks, Chase Colston and Chris Vinn will join KLTV's Ryan Peterson and Coleman Swierc and KTRE's Wes Hamilton to give you all angles of high school sports coverage imaginable in East Texas.

Whether it's stories, interviews, highlights, scores or anything else, we'll have it covered. The resources available to both members of this partnership allow for us to further increase our already successful endeavors online and on-air.

KLTV and ETSN.fm also will bring this added element to the TV station's Friday night Red Zone high school football show, only increasing the scope and reach of the coverage we will consistently provide.

Thank you all for making this launch of ETSN.fm extremely exciting, and as you can see, this is only the beginning. Those of us at ETSN.fm and at KLTV are ready to take high school sports to a new level you've never seen before.
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