The Texas Girls Coaches Association's weekly volleyball polls ranked the top 30 in each classification Monday. That led to 15 East Texas teams in the polls.

The Class 2A poll included eight East Texas teams led by No. 8 White Oak and No. 10 Eustace. Troup (16th), Tatum (24th), and Quitman (25th) were in the top 25, while Sabine (27th), Palestine Westwood (29th), and New Diana (30th) rounded out East Texas' 2A contingent.

Spring Hill's No. 3 spot in Class 3A remained the highest ranking among the 15 East Texas schools. Van was No. 6 in 3A, followed by No. 24 Carthage, No. 26 Henderson, and No. 28 Gilmer.

Lindale remained East Texas' only ranked Class 5A or Class 4A squad. The Lady Eagles were No. 10 in 4A. Beckville held the same distinction in Class A, where the Ladycats were No. 10.

East Texas Teams Ranked in TGCA Volleyball Polls

Class 4A
  • No. 10 Lindale


Class 3A
  • No. 3 Spring Hill
  • No. 6 Van
  • No. 24 Carthage
  • No. 26 Henderson
  • No. 28 Gilmer


Class 2A
  • No. 8 White Oak
  • No. 10 Eustace
  • No. 16 Troup
  • No. 24 Tatum
  • No. 25 Quitman
  • No. 27 Sabine
  • No. 29 Palestine Westwood
  • No. 30 New Diana


Class A
  • No. 10 Beckville (24-4)