TROUP -- If Dennis Alexander was looking for a new challenge, he's found it.

Less than two weeks ago, one of the state's most successful high school football coaches took on his newest program at Troup.

"I really live for challenges and I really thought I was up for retirement honestly," the longtime high school football coach said. "The older you get, the more you care about the kids. I think early in your career you are worried about career and maybe selfish goals. You don't have that later."

Alexander ranks fourth all-time in the state of Texas in coaching victories and he was the head coach of one of the most dominant teams in Texas history, a fact not lost on his current players.

"I knew exactly who he was when I first heard about it," Troup running back Seth Gibson said. "The 1983 Daingerfield team. Just having the opportunity to be able to run with him, it really is a blessing."

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