Lindale, John Tyler and Whitehouse earned two superlatives apiece on the 31-4A all-district boys soccer team.

District champion Lindale, which reached the regional-quarterfinal round of the playoffs in Region II, was represented by Most Valuable Player Riley Alvey and Coach of the Year Jason Lawless.

John Tyler's Porfirio Benitez was named the 31-4A Offensive MVP, while Daniel Montoya was chosen as the league's Keeper of the Year.

Whitehouse's Andrew Stevenson was voted the district's Defensive MVP, while teammate Parker Baskin took home Sophomore of the Year honors.

Athens' Johnny Gonzalez was the coaches' pick as Newcomer of the Year.

31-4A All-District Boys Soccer Team


  • Enrique Rodriquez, Jr., F, Athens
  • Alfedo Vazquez, Sr., MF, Athens
  • Bryant Castaneda, Sr., MF, Athens
  • Edgar Espinoza, Sr., GK, Chapel Hill
  • Isai Torrescano, Sr., MF, Chapel Hill
  • Juan Cornejo, Sr., D, John Tyler
  • Jose Valdez, Jr., MF, John Tyler
  • Gerardo Lopez, Sr., D, John Tyler
  • Noe Diaz, Sr., D, John Tyler
  • Lane Casey, Sr., MF, Lindale
  • Nate Nichols, Sr., D, Lindale
  • Jesse Emberley, Sr., F, Lindale
  • Dylan Tiiman, Sr., D, Lindale
  • Shane Edmondson, Sr., D, Lindale
  • Caleb Massengale, Sr., MF, Mabank
  • Jhon Leon, Sr., D, Mabank
  • Destin Wilkins, Sr., F Whitehouse
  • Elijah Stevenson, Sr., D, Whitehouse
  • Travis Blackburn, Jr., MF, Whitehouse



  • Juan Mota, Jr., D, Athens
  • Kody Ingham, Sr., D, Athens
  • Jordy Castaneda, Fr., MF, Athens
  • Ivan Mojica, Sr., D, Chapel Hill
  • Carlos Gonzalez, Sr., F, Chapel Hill
  • Naid Pineda, Sr., MF, John Tyler
  • Lorenzo Duran, Sr., D, John Tyler
  • Aaron Alonzo, Soph., MF, John Tyler
  • Davis Behee, Sr., MF, Lindale
  • Josue Arroyo, Jr., MF, Lindale
  • Timmy Moyer, Jr., F, Lindale
  • Thomas Kincaid, Sr., GK, Lindale
  • Tyler Crum, Sr., D, Mabank
  • Trevor Orsak, Sr., MF, Mabank
  • Edwin Garcia, Sr., MF, Whitehouse
  • James Ray, Sr., D, Whitehouse
  • Chris Langley, Jr., D, Whitehouse