LONGVIEW -- Don't ask Amanda Wallin how many career goals she's scored. She doesn't know.

"I just don't really worry about that part of it," she said.

Wallin and Pine Tree (2-0-1) visit Lindale on Tuesday night. PT's senior soccer standout is a hat trick away from the century mark in career goals.

Her 97 scores put her 13 ahead of the No. 2 goal scorer in school history, and she's got virtually an entire season remaining to pad that lead.

But Wallin isn't even thinking about all of that.

"I don't have any personal goals as far as number of goals I score," Wallin said. "Just getting the team beyond 4-13 is our goal this year."

That number signifies April 13, which is the date of the Class 4A Region II final at Carrollton's Standridge Stadium. Highland Park, which won the 2012 state championship, knocked out Pine Tree a round before that in the regional semifinals last April, 3-1.

"I truly believe that's what sets her apart," said 11th-year Pine Tree coach Daniel Rich. "She's for the team."

Rich said Wallin's burst allows her to beat defenders.

"Her first step allows her to create that space to get that little window," Rich said. "Because she has that quick first step to create that window, it allows her to see the net a little bit quicker than most."

Another indicator of that is Wallin's penchant for not only scoring goals, but setting up her teammates for goals. Pine Tree's career goals leader is also its career assists leader.

Wallin, a forward, enters tonight's matchup with 62 assists, which is eight better than second place on PT's career list.

How does someone who is so adept at scoring goals also lead her team in assists?

Wallin has a theory.

"I think it has something to do with the fact that I wasn't a forward before I came to high school, so I learned how to assist better from a midfield position," Wallin said. "When I came up here I got the opportunity to do both."

Despite her high school soccer prowess, Wallin does not plan to play soccer in college, instead opting to focus on grades. She's ranked No. 1 academically in Pine Tree's 2013 class and will attend Texas A&M, where she will study biomedical engineering.

Until then, Wallin will terrorize high school opponents with her quick first step and playmaking ability. For that, Rich is thankful.

Wallin's selflessness and versatility allow him to exploit her talents in multiple roles when opponents focus on stopping her.

"I have decoyed her sometimes. Putting her wide or making her have different runs to allow the other players to open up," Rich said. "But that's the great thing. She doesn't mind that.

"That's the whole thing that sets her apart. She doesn't mind playing anywhere else if it helps the team. If they are focused on her, a lot of times she doesn't mind because she knows someone's going to be open getting other goals."

Pine Tree Lady Pirates Career Goals Leaders

  • 1. Amanda Wallin -- 97 (active)
  • 2. June Wilson -- 84
  • 3. Jana Wilson -- 72
  • 4. Jennifer Withrow -- 65
  • 5. Lindsey Williams -- 65
  • 6. Teresa Cain -- 56
  • 7. Carolyn Leatherman -- 55
  • 8. Christine Aquino -- 54
  • 9. Jaclyn Friday -- 42
  • 10. Amy Holman -- 40


Pine Tree Lady Pirates Career Assists Leaders

  • 1. Amanda Wallin -- 62 (active)
  • 2. Cristine Aquino -- 54
  • 3. Janna Wilson -- 50
  • 4. Jaclyn Friday -- 50
  • 5. Carolyn Leatherman -- 48
  • 6. June Wilson -- 46
  • 7. Amanda Cabrera -- 39 (active)
  • 8. Stephanie Casto -- 37
  • 9. Heather Hall -- 36
  • T-10. Lauren Cude -- 32
  • T-10. Kelli Watson -- 32