What was thought to be a second consecutive idle week for Pittsburg will be a regular game week. The Pirates will host Dallas Prime Prep Academy on Friday as originally scheduled in February.

"We are still playing Prime Prep at Pittsburg," said Pirates coach Robert Manley. "We couldn’t find a varsity team that was willing to come to Pittsburg so instead of sitting out another week, we will play them."

Prime Prep has been in the spotlight for the better part of the summer for various reasons, such as not having enough eligible varsity players, to the entire team halting traffic to cross a busy street to confront a Dallas news station trying to tape a practice in a public park.

Prime Prep, coached by NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, will bring an 0-3 record to Pittsburg on Friday with a roster full of underclassmen. Five juniors, 11 sophomores, and 14 freshmen are listed on the roster, according MaxPreps.com.

Two of Prime Prep's three losses were against Texas TAPPS teams -- 50-6 vs. Dallas Parish Episcopal and 48-30 to Dallas Bishop Dunne. The most recent loss was 40-12 to Oklahoma City Millwood, a Class 2A school. Pittsburg will be Prime Preps first test against a Texas UIL team.

Manley thought the Pirates would have to replace the Prime Prep game a month ago, when it appeared that Prime Prep wouldn't be playing a varsity schedule.