Four times already in two weeks, we have seen teams go for the two-point conversion in the fourth quarter or overtime for the game-winner.

Three times, it has failed. So, thus far, 25 percent of the time, going for two and the win has worked. But where do you stand on the debate?

Instead of going for the tie, Tyler Lee failed its two-point conversion attempt and lost to Sulphur Springs, 35-34, in overtime in Zero Week. The day before, Palestine looked to upset then-No. 8 Waco La Vega by going for two, but experienced the same fate as Tyler Lee.

Last weekend, Elysian Fields went for the win at Jefferson and failed.

The only team to experience the win from going for two was Gladewater, which used 297-pound defensive tackle Daylon Mack to pound through the Pittsburg defensive line for a two-point conversion and a win in one of the most exciting games of the weekend.

But, the debate rages on. Do you go for two? Do you subscribe to the rule, "Go for the tie at home, the win on the road?" Tyler Lee, Palestine and Gladewater were all at home. Elysian Fields was on the road.

In the likes of the NFL, going for two and the win is a rarity. Former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan took heat for actually doing it and winning a game in 2008 -- and it was only the seventh coach in NFL history to have made such a choice.

Several statistical sources say you have about a 50/50 chance of converting a two-point attempt, almost the exact same probably of actually winning the game, although far less than making the extra point.

Where do you stand?