I think we've all justified throwing something out of a car or truck window.

Can you throw something like an apple core? The answer is a firm no. I think we've all thought, "Well, it's biodegradable, so no big deal".  You might be good with Mother Nature on that account, but not in the State Of Texas.

I always thought cigarette butts were okay. Hey, stop right there, and let me give you my reasoning. I always figured the top is just tobacco, the filter is cotton, and the paper is, well, paper. First off, the butt is actually a manufactured plastic cellulose acetate and not cotton. Then, much like the apple, they don't care if it's biodegradable or not. I guess we don't even need to dig deep to say that you could also start a fire by throwing a cigarette butt out of the window.

The question was generated by one thought..."What about tobacco spit?". While it seems like a very unhealthy thing to do, you might have the teeny-tiniest of loopholes. I would venture to say you fail miserably in defending the practice in court, but you might be able to at least present your case.

The ONLY thing you are legally allowed to throw out of your vehicle window in Texas is liquid from a drink. I guess you could argue that your tobacco spit was just backwash from your drink but probably not.

So there you go, it's easy to "Don't Mess With Texas", if you are thinking of throwing anything out of your car window, outside of your watered-down drink, you could be fined.

P.S. I know some of you wanted to say, "People from California" but that's not legal either.

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