Play nice out there on the roads, y'all, cars are expensive

Why would anyone let a total stranger in another car get them mad enough to drive like this?

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Time to break down another wild video, dear reader.  This one features a couple of rascals getting bit by the road rage bug in Houston.  Let's check that footage.

Never hold up the left lane. Period.

So the video opens with a white Volkswagen and a white Hyundai jockeying for position on a Houston highway because they're stuck behind a clueless fool who's holding up the left lane.


To be clear, the true villain of this story is this left-lane blocker.  I'm getting angry right now just thinking about every time I've been driving on a highway and someone takes 10 HOURS to pass an 18-wheeler in the left lane.  It's dangerous to drive beside those several-ton masses of metal, you should always try to get by them as fast as possible, even if it means going a couple of miles over the speed limit.

No Cutsies

So these two tragic figures take turns cutting one another off with just inches to spare.  Seriously, I don't know how they didn't smash into each other at least three times.


Self-fulfilling prophecy

What a surprise, they end up wrecking into the wall!  Did anyone not see that coming? Check out the video below for yourself and see if you can spot any details we missed. The best comments are below.

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