Police are baffled after timelines don't add up while responding to an apparent Fentanyl overdose of an innocent 2-year-old Texas girl.


The father of the child, 26-year-old Michael Reed, and the child's aunt, 30-year-old Jamie Popovic lived together in Mansfield, Texas. Popovic recalls the moment she realized something was wrong with the 2-year-old girl while coming home around 8 pm-9 pm after having dinner at Chili's.

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Popovic said she found the young girl on the floor looking seriously ill; the young girl appeared limp and was struggling to breathe. However, investigators discovered there was a large delay in calling for emergency services.


Popovic discovered the young girl between 8 pm and 9 pm however, according to police, a 9-1-1 call was not made until 10:17 pm. Popovic admitted that she did want to call the police however, Reed feared he would lose his children and told her not to call for help, yet.

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Reed informed police he had been searching how to make a child throw up, and even stuck his finger down her throat to try to make her throw up. However, Reed's search history alleges that he didn't call for help for two hours after and only called 9-1-1 until his daughter stopped breathing.


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While police searched around the apartment, they found an assortment of unsafe conditions. According to the affidavit, items like marijuana, scales, baggies, and a fully loaded gun were found during the search.

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Popovic admitted to police that she's seen white and blue pills randomly lying around the apartment. During the search, police did discover white pills, including a pill found near the child, which tested positive for Fentanyl.

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