I am going to sound old when I say this but when I was a kid you either stayed home for a week or you went relatively close for Spring Break. The two spring breaks I can remember going somewhere, we went to San Antonio and went to Fiesta Texas and Sea World, which back then we thought was a huge deal, and the other one we went skiing in Ruidoso. These days people fly off to exotic destinations and take lavish vacations. Of course back then we didn't have all these cool places to go and travel wasn't as easy as it is today.

So where do most Texans want to go for Spring Break? According to Airport Parking Reservations, these are the top 10 destinations Texas Spring Breakers want to travel to.

10. San Deigo

San Deigo is known for its nice warm climate, beaches, and parks. The San Diego Zoo is always a big attraction as well as the naval harbor.

Scenery of shopping district

9. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, Jamaica is home to countless all-inclusive resorts along crystal-clear beaches.

tropical beach

8. San Juan, Puerto Rico

The capital city of Puerto Rico provides a vacation that still allows you to be in a United States Territory. San Juan is located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island. San Juan offers widespread beaches as well as bars, nightclubs, and casinos.

Large flag of Puerto Rico above the street in the city center of San Juan.

7. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucus is a resort town on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. Cabo San Lucas is known for its beaches and nightlife.

Incredible view of the white sandy beach from a bird's eye view. Top view of beautiful white sand beach with turquoise sea water and palm trees, aerial drone shot.

6. Cancun, Mexico

Let's be honest the biggest draws of Cancun are the drinking age is 18 and almost every resort offers an all-inclusive package. The beaches are pretty too.

Family walking on beach


5. Maui, Hawaii

Maui offers something for everyone. Whether you looking for a family getaway or an adventure with your buddies, Maui offers it all. Beautiful scenery and nice relaxing beaches, plus you can't beat the cultural experience.

Waianapapa State Park, Maui

4. Punta Cana

Punta Cana also located in the Caribbean can also be family-friendly or adult-friendly depending on the experience you are looking for. Hard Rock offers a resort there as well as Nickelodeon. In Punta Cana, you are going to get the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean.

Caribbean beach in Saona island, Dominican Republic

3. Las Vegas

Unless you are 21, I don't suggest planning a family vacation to Sin City. I will never understand why people want to take their kids to Las Vegas. But those over the age of 21 have at it. Enjoy the endless nightlife, great restaurants, and massive pool parties.


2. New Orleans

For many Texans, the Big Easy is not that far from home, so I can understand why those over the age of 21 would want to travel to New Orleans. Unless you just want to dive into the history of New Orleans and taste the cuisine it's probably not somewhere you would want to take your family.

The lovely and peaceful Lafayette Square in New Orleans, Louisiana
Geoff Eccles

1. South Padre Island

I can understand why Padre Island is number one on the list. First of all, you don't have to leave the state to get there and it's not that far of a drive from just about anywhere. South Padre Island offers beaches and party life. You can also visit sites in Corpus Christi like the Texas State Aquarium and the Naval History.

Beach in South Padre Island, Texas

Where ever you are planning to go for spring break be sure to have fun and be safe!


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