Just a few short months ago a girl from the Permian Basin's dreams came true as she was crowned Mrs. America at the Mrs. America pageant in Las Vegas.

Regina Stock, a graduate of Odessa High School in 2014 thought her days of pageants were over once she married and had kids but dreams really do come true in real life not just in Disney movies. Most pageants focus on women who are single with no children but the Mrs. America pageant is for married women which was the perfect fit for Regina.

Over her pageant years, Regina Stock has been crowned Miss Texas USA, Miss Big Bend, Miss Permian Basin, and Miss Ector County and in August she was crowned Mrs. America.

In an Instagram post, Stock said her “dreams came true” in Las Vegas. She praised her fellow contestants as “some of the most incredible women I have ever met.”

“I have worked SO hard physically, mentally, and emotionally to be able to show up this week as my truest most authentic self,” Stock said. “I am grateful that the hard work I have put in has paid off. I started my journey to Mrs. Texas hoping to find my way and find my purpose. I’m thankful that the road to Mrs. America has helped me heal and find my path in life.”

Stock further stated she has “big heels to fill” and “cannot wait to serve as your new Mrs. America.”   Permian Proud

In just a few short months after being crowned Mrs. American, Regina Stock heard the three most devastating words no one ever wants to hear, you have cancer.

Regina was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, which affects the kidneys. As far as treatment goes, immediate surgery is required.

Regina and her husband are both self-employed which will require them to take time off work and lose wages. The City of Odessa has shared a GoFund that has been set up if you would like to help in her battle against cancer. Go Fund Me

Be sure to keep Regina Stock and her family in your prayers.

Facebook Regina Stock
Facebook Regina Stock