TYLER -- Carter McCown is used to the question.

What's it like to follow Randy, Josh and Luke McCown at a school the three relatives put on the map?

"There's a shadow," the current Jacksonville starting quarterback said. "I'm not going to lie. But, like I was telling someone else, it's not what Josh and Luke did. It's about what I'm doing. Being a McCown, I guess you could say there's a pressure. But, honestly, they did what they did and I'm doing what I've got to do."

Carter McCown kicked off the prelude to his senior year -- quite possibly the most pivotal phase of his football playing career -- with the ETSN.fm Recruiting Combine's Offensive Most Valuable Player award Sunday at APEC's training facility.

The combine pitted McCown with many other talented signal callers from the East Texas region. His test scores and constantly improving performance during the one-on-one sessions at Tyler Lee High School left no doubt.

He checked into the combine at 6-foot-3 and 177 pounds, an ideal size for college coaches. Then he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.63 seconds before gaining on-field acclaim from ETSN's staff, national recruiting experts, a group of professional coaches from Old School Quarterbacks staff and the NFL-caliber trainers at APEC.

"Today was just about coming out and learning," Jacksonville's quarterback said. "I didn't know that the Old School Quarterbacks were going to be here, but they really taught me some stuff about loading up and wide base and that power comes from your hips.

"It was fun to get to know some of these quarterbacks better. Some of the best from the area. And some of the receivers, throwing to them, some of the guys you read about on ETSN that make huge plays. I actually got to throw to them and that's cool."

McCown demonstrated everything you want to see from a college-caliber quarterback. A strong arm, nice touch, accuracy and pocket presence when he was incorporated into a defensive line versus offensive line pass rush drill.

It was a great time for everything to come together.

The Baylor, North Texas, TCU and Texas Tech coaching staffs will visit East Texas within the next nine days while many more programs will host satellite camps or on-campus camps in that time span and throughout the summer.

"Right now everybody is talking and everybody is wanting me to go to camps," McCown said. "They want to see me throw. We have some people who are kind of interested. UT, Oklahoma, TCU, Oklahoma State, Stanford, LSU has called, Central Arkansas, Tulsa, Rice, UTSA, Arkansas, SFA, Louisiana-Monroe, Louisiana-Lafayette, Colorado State, Iowa State, Florida State and all of the Ivy Leagues."

He faced stiff positional competition. The rest of the field showed it belonged in Tyler.

San Augustine's Jamikel Roberts won the combine's Quarterback Most Valuable Player award.

"I faced eight other quarterbacks that were excellent," McCown said. "Once Jamikel Roberts from San Augustine got the quarterback award I was like, 'Well, looks like I didn't get anything.' I gave him credit. I told him outright at the beginning, 'You're amazing.' That's what I told Chandler Nutt and (Jackson Allen) from Whitehouse and what I told some of the other guys. They're amazing.

"It just felt good today. Everything felt smooth and it felt like I was on today."

Winning a scholarship this summer is important to McCown, but returning Jacksonville is his primary objective in these summer months.

"I want to get it back to the tradition of excellence where before 2000 we were going to the playoffs every year and making runs," he said. "We need to get back to that. I hope we reestablish that tradition of excellence. And I want it to start with us."


Carter McCown's ETSN.fm Recruiting Combine Results

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 177
  • Laser-Timed 40: 4.63
  • Laser-Timed 20: 2.70
  • Laser-Timed 10: 1.63
  • Bench Reps (185 Pounds): 4
  • Vertical Jump: 32 inches
  • Broad Jump: 117 inches
  • Pro Agility: 4.59
  • Ladder: 14.50
  • Medball: 2.82
  • Keiser Squat: 1253 watts






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