"Don't Be Fooled by The Name, Granite Is Just Part of What We Do"

Founded: August 25, 1997

The Granite Girls helps their clients shop for each part of their project- from the floors to the ceilings and everything in between - to make sure the client received the perfect experience and perfect design for them.

Questions You Can Ask The Home Builder Expert:

1. What makes granite a great countertop material?
2. What are some basic projects I can do to increase my home value?
3. What is the average cost of an outdoor living area?
4. How often will I have to seal my granite countertop?

Meet The Expert

Cherie' Paro has been able to turn her knowledge of fashion into a thriving 'home' business. Cherie' started Design Furnishings in 1996 after studying fashion at Tyler Junior College in the late 1970s.

Once she started doing countertops, she moved her business to 5th Sreet and changed the name to "The Granite Girls". The business continued to grow exponentially, prompting Cherie' to move to the current location at 6618 S. Broadway Ave, in 2001. She has gone from doing kitchen countertops to turnkey remodels and recently became a builder with TABA. "I'm the only single woman builder, which means I can pull permits." Cherie' said. "I can do everthing on a remodel. I help clients with colors, the design, the style and every detail in between. From beginning to end, I'm with them," Cherie' beamed proudly.
But she does not do all the work alone. Cherie' has subcontractors and gets to work with her sisters, Lynette Paro and Renee Paro Ray. "Renee helps us with all of our tiles, flooring and backsplash at Builders Carpet," she said.

Over the years Cherie said she feels her business has been able to grow with Tyler by being more flexible. She said the focus of the business was originally new contruction but that has gradually changed to remodeling. "As years have gone by, there has been a need in Tyler for a great remodeler because more people are staying in their homes," Cherie' said. The Granite Girls has seen thousands of satisfied customers over the last 13 years. In 2005 Cherie' won an award for buildng a home in 2 hours and 52 minutes with the help of thousands of TABA members.