A perfect storm could be brewing for Patrick Mahomes II with opening night of the NFL Draft just 16 days away.

The former three-sport athlete from Whitehouse and three-year starting quarterback at Texas Tech was one of the draft's most intriguing prospects when he declared in January and has not done much to hurt his value since.

He's steadily climbing up the mock draft boards, gained a new following as one of seven soon-to-be-drafted quarterbacks to work with John Gruden, and he became even more well-known Tuesday by visiting ESPN's campus in Bristol, Conn., to participate on a wide array of ESPN radio and television shows.

They say the only bad publicity is no publicity. But, even then, Mahomes did a pretty good job of presenting himself while in Connecticut.

Here's where you can find Mahomes' interviews with ESPN personalities:

"Mike & Mike"

  • Mahomes discusses learning to play under center after an amateur football career that featured him in the shotgun formation with Mike Greenberg and fill-in host Anthony "Booger" McFarland.
  • Mahomes reveals some of his conversations with Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury, who had a brief NFL career.
  • The conversation turns to Mahomes' baseball career and notes his no-hitter while dueling with current Chicago White Sox prospect and former Mount Pleasant pitcher Michael Kopech when both were seniors in high school.
  • Mahomes' father, Pat Mahomes, is name dropped to listeners as former a Major League Baseball pitcher. They wonder why Mahomes didn't choose baseball, where careers are generally longer.
  • The hosts wonder how much Mahomes' football throwing ability improved after he gave up baseball after his freshman year at Texas Tech.
  • Mahomes encourages playing multiple sports through high school.
  • McFarland asks where Mahomes thinks he ranks among the quarterbacks in the draft.

"Russillo & Kanell"

  • Begins around the 19:45 mark.
  • Mahomes is asked about why he chose to go to Texas Tech. The answer revolves around Tyler native Johnny Manziel.
  • The hosts want to know why he didn't sign with the Detroit Tigers after being drafted in the 37th round in 2014.
  • Mahomes breaks down how he delivered a Texas Tech play call and his audible options with Kliff Kingsbury.
  • The hosts ask if Mahomes is disappointed he isn't the most highly-regarded quarterback in the draft.
  • Pat Mahomes is brought up, as is Mahomes' early life exposure to Hall of Fame caliber baseball players.
  • Mahomes admits it would be disappointing to not get drafted in the first round.



Here are some of the social media highlights:

Mahomes throws a football over an ESPN skybridge and hits a dummy on the other side.

Ron Jaworski, aka "Jaws," records Mahomes throwing a ball from the skybridge into a trash can.

Mahomes gets interviewed by Mike Greenberg and fill-in host Anthony "Booger" McFarland on "Mike & Mike."

Mahomes pleased Texas Tech's athletics director Kirby Hocutt, who was watching ESPN2 from his office inside AT&T Jones Stadium in Lubbock.


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