TYLER – One hundred of the top high school football recruits in East Texas came to Accelerate Performance Enhancement Center (APEC) last Sunday to show off their talents.

APEC enlisted the help of an elite group of players from East Texas who are now either playing at the Division I and II levels or are on their way. Their job was to instruct and encourage those players competing.

The group included University of Texas linebacker and former Van standout Dalton Santos, Whitehouse senior receiver and Texas Tech commit Dylan Cantrell and former Tyler Lee quarterback Preston Conder, who's now at Arkansas Tech.

University of Texas linebacker Dalton Santos was on hand for Sunday's ETSN.fm Football Recruiting Combine at APEC training facility as a volunteer instructor. (Jonathan Barker, ETSN.fm)

APEC director of training and operations Bobby Stroupe said having the current college athletes assist the current high schoolers was a huge advantage.

“It means everything having these guys back,” Stroupe said. “These guys came back and added so much, because the difference between them and us is they are in the game right now, and can teach these guys what’s going on right now.”

Santos, Cantrell and Conder all had the same message for the competing athletes.

“Hard work, it’s the dedication, the hours that nobody else is putting in, but you are," Santos said.

Not only do events like Sunday's combine help current high school athletes become bigger, faster and stronger. They also can open the door to their futures.

"Combines like this do nothing but help high school kids," Cantrell said. "Having a good combine could land you at a good college."