Beaux Limmer knew Arkansas was his match.

Limmer committed to Arkansas in early March, solidifying his college choice. The Tyler Lee offensive lineman said it had much more to do with the school rather than the connection. His current high school coach, Kurt Traylor, is the brother of Arkansas associate head coach Jeff Traylor.

"They’re so cool," Limmer said. "Coach (Jeff) Traylor is my head coach's brother. Coach (Chad) Morris is from East Texas. I saw him at SMU. I knew he was a great coach and  when he went to Arkansas it was perfect.”

Limmer is working hard this offseason. He is practicing with his teammates, turf covering his back as he runs through drills on a Thursday afternoon in June. He is there for every summer workout, looking to improve his weaknesses this summer.

“Aggressiveness," he said he looks to improve. "I can squat sand bench quite a lot. That definitely gives me an edge. Bench is max 360. My squat rep max is 525.”

Limmer had to adjust to a new head coach in 2017. Kurt Traylor took over the Red Raiders after coming from Gilmer. Tyler Lee finished with a 6-4 record last season but missed the playoffs. Limmer said he feels the offense is ready for a breakout year in the upcoming season.

“We have all of our offensive line except one coming back," He said. "I'm confident in our quaterbacks. Any one of them could go out and start. Offensively, we’re going to be as good if not better than last year.”

Traylor said Arkansas is getting a good recruit at offensive lineman. He also feels the Red Raiders will be better in his second season because of Limmer.

“He knows the game of football," Traylor said. "I believe to be an offensive lineman you’ve got to take care of the little things. Above all that, he’s an unbelievable kid. His mom and dad have done an unbelievable job of raising him. His GPA is 4.0. Sometimes we forget the reason you’re here is to get an education. I’ve coaches some really good offensive lineman in my career. I told him, ‘Jeff he’s one of ‘em.’ He’s not s rah-rah guy. He’s one of them.”

Whatever the case, Limmer knows he will do what he has to do to ensure the best for both himself and Tyler Lee next season. He hopes the Red Raiders will be able to make the playoffs, but if not, he will be confident in completing his own goals.

"We want to win all the games, but most importantly we want to have a chance to go to the playoffs." He said. "We want to go all the way to state. We have to take it one game at a time. I want to get better at my footwork late in the game so I don’t start getting sloppy.”

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