In many ways, Tamauzia Brown is a typical teenager.

He enjoys playing Fortnite, playing pick up basketball with his friends and of course, sleeping in his free time.

But anyone familiar with Texas high school football knows Brown is anything but typical. He stars on both sides of the ball at cornerback and wide receiver for Newton. He led East Texas with 12 interceptions during the Eagles' championship season in 2017. He's received offers from college football's premier programs.

The role he plays in Newton's tight-nit community is what Brown enjoys the most about being a highly recruited athlete. Kids often come up to him for autographs or to pose for pictures. He doesn't take this responsibility lightly. He'll often play video games or throw the football with his next door neighbor, a kid who has not yet entered high school.

"He be trying to give up so bad, but when me and his dad are out there with him, he’s having fun," Brown said. "He says that he’s going to (play football). That makes me happy because he’s looking up to me and counting on me.”

Brown has more than 25 scholarship offers, but said Alabama, Oregon and TCU standing out the most to him. He doesn't anticipate making his commitment until August.

“If I came to play for those schools, I could play offense or defense," Brown said. (Alabama) wants me for receiver. They said I can do big things. They have a lot of receivers leaving.”

Brown would prefer to play receiver, but said he is willing to fill whatever position he is needed at. His ball skills show potential of a prime NFL cornerback, according to coach W.T. Johnston.

“It helps me a lot," Brown said of playing two positions. "That’s what I’ve been trying to tell some of my teammates. They need to play both. It’s going to help you because you get offers (at both positions) so you have better chances.”

Brown also put up 867 yards receiving and 13 touchdowns this past season. He is No. 1 on the East Texas 25 list, a list of the top 25 recruits in the area.

Brown has plenty of company on his team when it comes to talent. Darwin Barlow, Josh Foster and Caiden Walker all have scholarship offers for the class of 2019. Class of 2020 defensive end James Sylvester already boasts FBS offers as well. Brown said he and his teammates have talked about teaming up together in college.

“Yesterday, we were talking about all of us going to TCU," he said. "That’d be big for us. Just shock everybody.”

For now, Brown is focused on next season. He wakes up, works out, then goes to work on his footwork and comes back to work out at the school again. Football and becoming the best are his top priorities.

He hopes the Eagles can repeat as champions in 2018. They return most of their star power, and are picked as preseason favorites by many. It's a big difference from last season, but Brown said he is up to the challenge.

"I just want to win it all again," he said. "I’m gonna take as many as I can before I leave.”

East Texas 25 Class of 2019

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